Strongly positioned as an International Luxury Real Estate Brand, with years of expertise in construction and development in Dubai, our landmark projects in India are defined by superior quality, detail and perfection.




Ezzy Group is a leading Property, Residential, and Construction group, specialising in high-end residential project development. The group is a world-class property development company focussed on delivering exceptional luxury real estate created in collaboration with Ashai Design Corporation (ADC), an International architectural firm based in California, USA.

Ezzy Group, established in 2011, caters to the luxury segments of the residential market with a range of product offerings including condominiums, row houses and apartments of varying sizes. From our Boutique Apartments to Prestigious Villas, we pride ourselves on understanding the aspirations of all our buyers, not just in the type of home that suits your needs, but in the environment in which you want to live. Irrespective of your budget and the type of property you are buying, all our homebuyers are treated with the same high level of customer service from pre-sale, throughout the buying process and, of course, once you have moved in. With the unique ability to draw on skills, capabilities and experience from across the Group, Ezzy Group offers clients brilliant solutions to an international lifestyle in Bangalore.

At Ezzy Group, we strive to be a leader, in terms of sustainable growth and innovation and strongly believe, with each new project, we will continue to consistently raise the bar in world class luxury living. Our vision is to be a world-class, customer focused, and highly respected company in the industry. The customer's first choice, in project development and construction.



We measure the Group's strategic progress through a balanced set of key performance indicators which help guide our thinking and development at every stage.

  • To focus on the core business in construction and project development in select home and overseas markets.
  • To be recognised as a leader in infrastructure we continue to focus on providing a legacy to the communities in which we serve.
  • By actively seeking projects that utilise our strengths, Ezzy Group's technical expertise is best employed on projects where we can create value for our customers.
  • By leveraging our integrated business model, we have made the best use of our potential. As a Group with wide-ranging capabilities, we can offer clients combined solutions and expertise from other business strands.
  • As a business, Ezzy upholds certain values that represent the essence of what we are as a Group. Our continued success depends on the clarity of our vision and our commitment to our strategy.


Our leadership team consisting of varied competencies, constantly interact with the workforce, providing them with strategic direction and empowering them to achieve excellence in their work, enabling us to face industry challenges and lead, making the Ezzy Group a name in unsurpassable quality and luxury across the international real estate arena.

Shabbir Saifuddin Ezzy


Having built various successful international businesses across the world and across sectors, including real estate and construction, Mr Shabbir Saifuddin Ezzy provides visionary leadership for Ezzy Group. With a passion for perfection and a focus on the values of the group, he is the driving force of the company. With 40 years of expertise, Mr Shabbir heads the Real Estate Development and Infrastructure division for the Group in Dubai and oversees the largest Industrial Tools and Supplies Company in the Middle East. The Chairman leads the Group into new markets, facilitates expansion and executive management of the Group. Mr Shabbir Saifuddin Ezzy is focussed on building the Oil and Gas, Investment and Trading, capabilities for the Group in Sharjah.

Hisham Syed Tamiz

Managing Director

With over fifteen years of experience in the real estate property management business in Bangalore, Mr Hisham Syed Tamiz spearheads pivotal aspects of the business as a leader, decision maker & motivator. With in-depth knowledge of making important investments and acquisitions to grow the business. Mr Hisham is the second generation, from a family of real estate and property development and started work in the sector at the age of sixteen. Mr Hisham is responsible for the performance of the company in line with the board’s overall strategy, financial control and successfully implementing company policy. Mr Hisham is responsible for the future growth and development of the group investments and activities in India and other international markets.

Saad Zahid

Director of Sales & Marketing

Saad is Director of Sales and Marketing at Ezzy Group for over a decade now and has been the driving force behind the company’s exponential growth and evolution from a single business venture to into a full service, premium real estate development company.

Saad creates the vision and identity of each project, identifying the various target markets and establishing effective, integrated marketing and branding initiatives. He spearheads the development, design and sales departments while ensuring each property is creatively positioned and branded to meet Ezzy Group’s boutique nature of high-end developments and international specifications. He drives strategic marketing and promotional programmes nationally and internationally in order to achieve maximum impact and value for the groups investors and clients.

His focus lies in building high quality capabilities and capacities to the business growth function focussed on scaling the group to the next level of growth. Saad continues to play a pivotal and visionary role at Ezzy Group with his planning, execution and leadership skills.

Saad is an avid runner and fitness enthusiast.

Waseem Syed Ahmed

Chief Operating Officer

With over ten years of experience in construction and real estate, Mr Waseem Syed Ahmed has previously, both successfully owned and operated a wide range of business firms across sectors and is responsible for the overall direction for the operations of the group to include construction, delivery and decisions on new business and growth opportunities for the group. Mr Waseem is responsible for developing and implementing more sophisticated policies and procedures both in the finance and general operational structuring of the group. Mr Waseem oversees risk management and legal activities, and other legal documents, and directs the execution of operating policies to support overall company objectives.


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